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What Is Java Programming?

Java is a programming language developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems in 1995. Now Java incorporated with Oracle Corporation. Java is mostly syntax oriented programming language like C and C++. Java is one of the most used programming languages around the world in recent times. Java is an object-oriented programming language; it can run many operating systems. It made the java platform independent and compiled that can run on Java virtual machine. Java transfers bytecode into machine code.

The first thing comes to everyone’s mind when started to learning a new concept, or new technology is what it is? Likewise, when anyone hears the word java.  They will ask what is java? Or what is java programming?

What is java programming?

Java is a software program which is widely used for most of the applications in real time now. It is used in for the applications like mobile applications, desktop applications, games, etc.

  • Java is the class-based object-oriented programming language.
  • Java is computing platform.
  • Java is fast, safe and reliable.
  • Java is free, concurrent and general purpose programming.

What Is The Aim Of Java Programming?

Java programming must be object oriented. This could execute the same program on multiple operating systems. Java programming should support network programming and run the code from remote sources. Java programming must be user free so that anyone can use easily.

Relation between Java and C

Once the Java programming invented the Microsoft developed the C# programming to match with java programming. Both java and C# programming shares the same style of syntax, but they have some differences too.  The java and C# developed from C++ programming.

Types of Java Programming

Java Applet:  A small java program from a website can be executed on a client computer.

Application: executed on the customer’s computer on online.

EJB: this is used to develop large and complex websites.

Servlet: it used to develop web pages.

Primary Benefits of Java

Simple: Java programming is easy to write and readable. It is easy to learn because it developed from C++ concepts.

Secure: Java is the most secure programming language, which is used to develop internet applications and web applications.

Portable: it can be executed in any environment and any platform (OS, JVM).

Object oriented: it is based on OOPs concept.

Architectural-neutral: Java is machine independent and not tied to any OS architecture.

Robust: it is error free programming and it also run-time error checking facility.

High performance: it uses bytecodes which are highly optimized and faster in execution.

Tools Needed For Java Programming

To perform Java programming on your PC or laptop, you must have Pentium 200 MHZ with minimum 64 MB RAM. You also need Linux 7.1 or Windows 7/8 operating system. You should have Microsoft notepad or text editor to write the programming. Java programming also has objects, classes, data types, variables, modifier, loop controls, numbers, characters, string, arrays, etc. so it is easy to start learning the Java programming’s earlier stage of your life to become a software developer. Here we have provided enormous information about what is java programming? And it’s basics.

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