2001 – Starting off

Some of you will still remember this site as it started off in September 2001: Plain HTML, very basic design, frames, all you could expect from a beginning hobby site! Here’s a screenshot showing how JavaCoding looked like at that moment in time:

As it was hosted on free web space at my ISP, plain HTML was the only option, and it became a burden to maintain it. We had a lot of fun working on this site – with like 20 unique visitors a day, it could go two ways – proceed the way it did (growing VERY slowly), or we could give it a big push forward.

January 2002 – The big change

As there were some cool ideas and designs for a ‘bigger’ JavaCoding site, the hosting was moved to a paid hosting service. The site became a database-driven website, which opened many new opportunities (like our mock exam application, etc…). To Learn more about Latest Java Coding Tutorials at our HomePage.

These days, JavaCoding has around 200 unique visitors a day and is still growing.

And some really cool new things are being designed for the future …