What I Can Contribute?

You can contribute to this site to improve it. You could mail us the following:

  • Links to interesting related sites
  • Articles for our article archive
  • Questions for our certification mock exams
  • Ideas for new topics to cover
  • Errors / Typos on this site
  • Anything you can think of …


There are several possibilities to get involved in the development of the software in our programming projects. If you want to go beyond the usage of these components and play an active role in the improvement of the software, you can:

  • Report any bugs you encounter, tell what was very clear and what confused you at first, at which points the documentation must be improved, etc …
    Just any remark you have can be an added value for all of you out there. If someone encounters a problem using some piece of software, chances are great that someone else will face the same problem one day or another. If you let us know what you think of the products, we can improve our work.
  • Go after bugs in the source code yourself, try to fix them and let us know what you did. The reward will be your name in a source file 🙂 Also, if you have some additional features you implemented in our code, submit them to us and if we think they can be of value to others, we’ll integrate them into the main source tree.
  • If you implemented your own project that you consider complementary to the software available here, we could start a new project under the JavaCoding.Net name …