Java History and Features For Beginners

It is the independent programming language which is mainly used to create the robust application. For the information, it will help to run on the computer or that will help to distribute to the network clients and servers. Some people are often want to know the Java history and features can follow here. As per the sources, this programming language was started in the year of 1991. It mainly started as a project as Oak. Java’s main achievement is to provide the language and virtual machine which has a similar notification type of C., but it is very simple to learn when compared with the languages like C and C++.

Important features of Java

Using this flow chart you can easily learn about Java programing features

There are some of the important features and characteristics always available for the Java. Here you can check out some of the important things to know.

  • Simple
  • Secured
  • Object oriented
  • Platform independent
  • Robust
  • High performance


Everyone knows that Java language is very simple due to the syntax which mainly based on C++. Yes, it removes many confused features. But you don’t need to remove the unreferenced types of objects. It will primarily support Java because of the automatic garbage collection. For information, thus the Java offers error free system because of the memory management system.

Object oriented

Thus the object oriented programming language is the main method that provides the maintenance and the software development with the help of properties, behaviors and object state.

Platform independent

Java is mainly considered as the platform independent. It is because of the software and hardware environment. As we all know that the coding of Java is primarily runs on the multiple types of platforms. Example: Mac, Windows, Linux, etc. One must be aware of that you can write the code once and run anywhere at any time.


It is a secure language which has its great features. It also enables to improve the virus free systems as well as tamper free. Thus the main techniques of authentication depend on the encryption of public. But one thing must know that the java will not support explicitly of the pointer for the memory. 


Thus the Java is mainly created as a strong language. When comes to the language that the problems and the data type issues will be resolved at the time of compilation. Then the implicit is mainly casts the variable from one type to a different kind are not allowed.

High performance

We all know that the simplest and the unusual applications are mainly used. Thus the performance is primarily the deliberation of most of the applications which include the intensive of graphics which found on the internet. Also, the performance of Java is more accurate. For more Java tips go homepage.

These are the important java history and the features that everyone must know. It is the great programming language in terms of performance and the usage by the users. Almost all the features will be very useful to know at any time by the users.

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